With any repair finding a qualified company to perform the work is crucial. Problems can occur even on the smallest of jobs. As much as we love repeat business when it comes to repairs we want them to last which means doing it right. Doing it right is more that just performing the work. It’s having the proper credentials to do so as well as the proper protection in case a problem arises.

When hiring a handyman to work on your home, keep in mind that unless they are licensed to perform that work they are limited to $500 repair value (labor and material) as well as work that does not require licensing or permitting. Most building departments will tell you that even replacing a ceiling fan requires a permit. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk. Make sure that contractors working on your house are licensed and ensured for the work you would like them to perform.

To find more information about licensing requirements, as well as, check to see if a contractor is licensed and that their license is current, visit the website below. Check our license while you are visiting the site to see how it works: License # 972246 or Business Name G R N Enterprises Inc. (remember the space between G, R, and N).